Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Country of Boyhood

Day 30 of 365
We live in a relatively new country called boyhood. We've lived here for over 4 years now. I enjoy it completely and I love finding special little boy things perfectly placed in our home. Especially hand made day dreams like this. My Andy recalls this land from his own journey there many years ago. Completely charming. Mostly.


  1. The country of boyhood is a nice place to be. Soon I will be entering the country of tween. Not sure if I like the mood there as I have been getting a preview every now and then. Some of it aint pretty. ;o)

  2. This makes me smile! As a kid, I wanted to collect something, and since I loved going out on the boat with my Grandpa I decided to collect boats. I don't think I got a very big collection, but this picture brought back that memory. Boyhood certainly is exciting, as least from what I've seen from afar.

  3. you hae such a way of telling such beautiful stories, thank you for sharing them with us