Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Week of POD

Day 53 of 365
My sweet Joey, looking sleepy eyed as if he is tired by all his deep thoughts. I just wanted to pick him up and cuddle him.
Day 52 of 365
The prompt was artistic and I just wasn't feeling artistic, but I thought this arrangement of onions were. I know my hubby thinks I am just a wee bit eccentric too, but he loves me for it :-)

Day 51 of 365

It is in my nature to love mother nature. This is the private farmers road that abuts our land. Love the gate and the fields behind it. It is a historic still working farm... though now they only farm hay. During the American Revolution the farmers mustered there (i.e. the minute men).

Day 50 of 365

The prompt was stripes... I love the colors of these stripes. They make me smile any way you stack 'em.

Day 49 of 365... lurking in a bag on the back of my studio door is a banner that needs to be sewn together that I created to celebrate Halloween, it isn't just the cat that is whimsical it is that fact it has been waiting since 2006 to be finished. Yup, never place something on a door that remains open.

Day 48 of 365... I spied this old vent grate on a building built in the 1910s/ Love the Copper Patina and lurking behind that is an older rusted iron grate. Yes, in the winter I often marvel at the things I see on the ground as I tuck my head into my coat ;-)

Day 47 of 365 The photo I took on 47, the layout is photographed later :-) I tried very hard to appear Irked in this photo... it Irked me to have to take so many photos to get one that said Irked. I never thought I would have to practice that.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Weeks Worth of PODs

Day 45/365 (yes, somewhat out of order... sort of like me ). This is the layout/card I created for Andy. In this layout I pay homage to his loving daddy skills. He is a talented father, he learned from the best.
Day 46 of 365
The prompt for the day was light. I love how my flash helped me out here... by bouncing light off the branches. Lucky me.

Day 44 of 365

I visited our friends Kelly and Kieran with baby clothing in hand. I keep finding cute little outfits for the twins. It is a compulsion. We will probably be meeting them in the next 2-4 weeks. I just wanted to make sure they were appropriately clothed for the occasion ;-) Auntie Anne is eagerly awaiting their arrival, however, tells them there is no need to rush. Word.

Day 43 of 365
Lacking a crystal ball to foretell the future we relied on a glitter ball. It merely kept it's council to itself. One could even say it treated us to a comfortable silence, a pretty one though. A moment of play at work.

Day 42 of 365 The prompt was create. This would be a lovely inspiration for my studio... it is so very creative and could hold so many materials. S:::i::::::::g::::::::::::::h . It's price tag is beyond what my pockets hold. Alas lint is not considered legal tender.

Day 41 of 365

Landscape at night... just realized I hadn't found a landscape I liked so... this is what I took. Love the tree feathering the night sky.

Day 40 of 365 State of Confusion

This is the state flag of Massachusetts. The confusion is I took the *backside* of it. Dang Nabbit. I love how the shield is the same exact color of the sky.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I see you....

Day 39 of 365
I swear it looks like an eye :-) No matter the time of year we love playgrounds... and I love finding interest in the unexpected. Care to do the rings?

Side by Side... Close....

Day 38 of 365
Two brothers lined up some of their trains. Love the green, blue pattern. What to do when you run out of green engines? Why place a yellow one next to it as we all know blue plus yellow equals green. Simple really.


Day 37 of 365
Yes, Matty is on my computer... there is something so endearing about a boy who sucks his thumb while concentrating and operating a mouse. He is four, gloriously so. I didn't even know computers existed when I was his age.

Wishing for ...

Day 36 of 365
warmer days... February is the longest month.....

Drink in Warmth...

Day 35 of 365
I sat pondering the word edible... and thought potable is really what I wanted to show today. For I wanted so much to drink in warmth, literally and figuratively. I went to lunch with my friend Jude, a calming presence on a cold winter's day. Jude and Tea is a good thing. Thank you friend.

Going into Black...

Day 34 of 365
I had fun in PSE ... this was a fairly non threatening billowy cloud... and then I came along. I converted it to black and white and then played havoc with the contrast. It befits the day as Matty had an assessment meeting (not about school). If you wish to find arrogance, I could give you the directions. Amazing. Why do people discredit everyone else? We have been on this journey it seems forever trying to figure out what causes Matty's muscular weakness. PTs that clearly discount what a neurologist has said make me wonder. Who does one trust? A Speech Therapist who doesn't take a moment to understand what I am saying, just attacks. Love these people and these moments. I still hold optimism clearly in my heart and embrace my family with it. There is LIGHT at the other side of this storm cloud. We go to the Neuro-Muscular Doctor on the 23rd, perhaps he will shed more light. This I do know... these people should work together and not be against all others who work with Matty. Such egos. I should clarify the egos do not belong to Children's Hospital, but to an outside group that evaluates needs and provides no services. Ahh well, enough of my rant. The image is apt.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Crystal Clear...

Day 33 of 365 prompt sharp
Quartz Crystal is supposed to help in clarity of thought i.e. mental sharpness. I am not sure I believe in their power, however, they more than likely don't believe in mine so we are on equal footing :-P I love the layering, it reminds me of the rock formations in Sedona. This crystal is on my boss's desk that he shares with me. Hummm... is he trying to tell me something? ;-)

My Weather Watcher...

Day 32 of 365 prompt height
My sweet Matty was looking out the window. I asked him what he saw as I looked up over his shoulder. His response, "It is cloudy, Mommy" I asked "what else?" hoping he would notice the sweet clear blue dancing with the clouds. "Mommy the clouds are fluffy snow ball clouds". He quietly taught me we can both see this beautiful sky in our own way. I love his inner poet.