Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Week of POD

Day 53 of 365
My sweet Joey, looking sleepy eyed as if he is tired by all his deep thoughts. I just wanted to pick him up and cuddle him.
Day 52 of 365
The prompt was artistic and I just wasn't feeling artistic, but I thought this arrangement of onions were. I know my hubby thinks I am just a wee bit eccentric too, but he loves me for it :-)

Day 51 of 365

It is in my nature to love mother nature. This is the private farmers road that abuts our land. Love the gate and the fields behind it. It is a historic still working farm... though now they only farm hay. During the American Revolution the farmers mustered there (i.e. the minute men).

Day 50 of 365

The prompt was stripes... I love the colors of these stripes. They make me smile any way you stack 'em.

Day 49 of 365... lurking in a bag on the back of my studio door is a banner that needs to be sewn together that I created to celebrate Halloween, it isn't just the cat that is whimsical it is that fact it has been waiting since 2006 to be finished. Yup, never place something on a door that remains open.

Day 48 of 365... I spied this old vent grate on a building built in the 1910s/ Love the Copper Patina and lurking behind that is an older rusted iron grate. Yes, in the winter I often marvel at the things I see on the ground as I tuck my head into my coat ;-)

Day 47 of 365 The photo I took on 47, the layout is photographed later :-) I tried very hard to appear Irked in this photo... it Irked me to have to take so many photos to get one that said Irked. I never thought I would have to practice that.


  1. hehe- love your page!

    sweet sweet boy pic...

  2. love that pic of your little one. he does look very snuggly and sleepy.

    the comment about the grate was too funny; how you noticed it b/c you had your head stuck in your coat!

  3. love all you photos but that one of joey is priceless!