Monday, February 2, 2009

My Weather Watcher...

Day 32 of 365 prompt height
My sweet Matty was looking out the window. I asked him what he saw as I looked up over his shoulder. His response, "It is cloudy, Mommy" I asked "what else?" hoping he would notice the sweet clear blue dancing with the clouds. "Mommy the clouds are fluffy snow ball clouds". He quietly taught me we can both see this beautiful sky in our own way. I love his inner poet.


  1. I love that Matty is confident enough to share "his way" and that you are wonderful enough to let him. Beautiful sky

  2. What a smart little man! :-)

  3. I like his and your way of seeing things. :o) Gorgeous photo. I love cloudy blue days. The contrast is beautiful!

  4. what an amazing moment for you and matty!