Sunday, February 8, 2009

Going into Black...

Day 34 of 365
I had fun in PSE ... this was a fairly non threatening billowy cloud... and then I came along. I converted it to black and white and then played havoc with the contrast. It befits the day as Matty had an assessment meeting (not about school). If you wish to find arrogance, I could give you the directions. Amazing. Why do people discredit everyone else? We have been on this journey it seems forever trying to figure out what causes Matty's muscular weakness. PTs that clearly discount what a neurologist has said make me wonder. Who does one trust? A Speech Therapist who doesn't take a moment to understand what I am saying, just attacks. Love these people and these moments. I still hold optimism clearly in my heart and embrace my family with it. There is LIGHT at the other side of this storm cloud. We go to the Neuro-Muscular Doctor on the 23rd, perhaps he will shed more light. This I do know... these people should work together and not be against all others who work with Matty. Such egos. I should clarify the egos do not belong to Children's Hospital, but to an outside group that evaluates needs and provides no services. Ahh well, enough of my rant. The image is apt.

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  1. It can be overwhelming, frustrating, hopeful, draining, etc. You are right no one works together. Everybody discounts everybody else. Soon...soon you will have answers. Your photo is a perfect imagine to go with your thoughts. I can feel it.