Monday, February 16, 2009

A Weeks Worth of PODs

Day 45/365 (yes, somewhat out of order... sort of like me ). This is the layout/card I created for Andy. In this layout I pay homage to his loving daddy skills. He is a talented father, he learned from the best.
Day 46 of 365
The prompt for the day was light. I love how my flash helped me out here... by bouncing light off the branches. Lucky me.

Day 44 of 365

I visited our friends Kelly and Kieran with baby clothing in hand. I keep finding cute little outfits for the twins. It is a compulsion. We will probably be meeting them in the next 2-4 weeks. I just wanted to make sure they were appropriately clothed for the occasion ;-) Auntie Anne is eagerly awaiting their arrival, however, tells them there is no need to rush. Word.

Day 43 of 365
Lacking a crystal ball to foretell the future we relied on a glitter ball. It merely kept it's council to itself. One could even say it treated us to a comfortable silence, a pretty one though. A moment of play at work.

Day 42 of 365 The prompt was create. This would be a lovely inspiration for my studio... it is so very creative and could hold so many materials. S:::i::::::::g::::::::::::::h . It's price tag is beyond what my pockets hold. Alas lint is not considered legal tender.

Day 41 of 365

Landscape at night... just realized I hadn't found a landscape I liked so... this is what I took. Love the tree feathering the night sky.

Day 40 of 365 State of Confusion

This is the state flag of Massachusetts. The confusion is I took the *backside* of it. Dang Nabbit. I love how the shield is the same exact color of the sky.


  1. Anne, excellent photos. I just adore your layout. It is a beautiful tribute to a great dad. Love the lighting on the tree branches. very cool capture. Adorable baby clothes. i am so happy your friend and babies are doing well. They are in my thoughts. The crystal ball is beautiful. I wish it could tell fortunes and the future. Well, kind of. Knowing the future might take some of the fun out of life. Maybe?? Wow...the art piece/storage is amazing. i wish lint had worth, so you could get it. If that happened, do you think lint would be hard to find? LOL! Nice landscape shot. I love the light from the moon. There is nothing like a night with moonlight. Sigh. The state flag photo is gorgeous. I love the contrast of the blue sky with the white flag. So crisp.

    Thanks for sharing your photos. I loved seeing them! :o)

  2. oooh what a wonderful week of photos, Anne! that LO is gorgeous! like denise said... a wonderful tribute. i love the tree branches, the glitter ball, and the moon. those drawers are so quirky and wonderful! oohlala!!

  3. Awesome week of photos! I often wish I could pay with lint or buttons...sigh.

    And your layout is gorgeous!!! Love the use of the kit!

  4. i so loved seeing your photos! beautiful, touching l/o too! and btw- baby clothing buying is hard to beat lol!

  5. it looks like the flag has a the seal cut is exactly the same color! could collect lint and sell it to those people who make sweaters and stuff out of dog hair. that might buy you one of the cases. they are lovely!

  6. love all the pics! and that layout....freakin awesome!

  7. Beautiful photos. And love the layout. :)

    And thank you SO much for your sweet words. You totally made me smile and feel better. I really appreciate the time you took to read my blog and comment. :)