Monday, February 2, 2009

Crystal Clear...

Day 33 of 365 prompt sharp
Quartz Crystal is supposed to help in clarity of thought i.e. mental sharpness. I am not sure I believe in their power, however, they more than likely don't believe in mine so we are on equal footing :-P I love the layering, it reminds me of the rock formations in Sedona. This crystal is on my boss's desk that he shares with me. Hummm... is he trying to tell me something? ;-)


  1. It does look very cool. Do you think it is working??

  2. I say it is working, because you are as sharp as a tack. :o) The texture in your photo is awesome. I see rock formations, too!

  3. very cool...and you are sharp (mind, wit you have it all)

  4. cool! it looked like an ice formation when i first looked at it. and i agree with our pals... sharp as hell you are!!