Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Week of PODs...

Day 60 of 365 Hard to resist... Matty adores home made popcorn. Joey and I agree. Fun times are had just watching the corn pop. Both boys like the sounds and the show. Hehe I guess we are country bumpkins if this is our fun.

Day 59 out of 365... Weird. Yes, it never fails everyone is on a different page when reading together. The truly weird part is that they are taking a moment when they are not running around ;-) They are so serious and so very cute.

Day 58 of 365 These are the solution for a grey day... Joey's is the pig and Matty's is the fish. The color choices were entirely their own as was the painting. I love :-)

Day 57 of 365... My seniors painted the pieces to the quilt block... next time they will draw on it with oil pastels and then I will use gel medium to attach it to a canvas... by the way the background is a plastic table cloth.

Day 56 of 365 This is a photo of the prep for my seniors art group. Yes, no hands other than mine have touched it. Color: None. This will be the beginning of a paper quilt that later will be put on canvas. Very blah without the artists.

Day 55 of 365... these flowers are so hardy they survived a week of curious boy hands. This photo I have to admit was requested by the model. He kept saying "cheese Mommy" so I grabbed the camera. Love that smile.

Day 54 of 365
My sweet Matty is a lover of beauty... and the color yellow. There are arches in the photo as well.
Sorry for the delay in posting, this past week has been a very busy one. I'll try to catch up and post this weeks photos on Sunday.


  1. What an AWESOME group of photographs...DARLING and super fun! :)))

  2. Beautiful! Those boys are gorgeous!

  3. beautiful photos! your boys are so darn cute! something about that last picture just draws me in. :)

  4. The first thing I noticed in regard to all your photos is that every single one of them include a form of creativity. That is awesome! Excellent photos. I agree with the others - your boys are adorable!

  5. great photos! i love that first one...sooo interesting!