Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Flurry of Photos...

Just a few photos of the many I've taken and not had time to upload. I hope to do some more tomorrow. Bad blogger am I! Hope you enjoy and there is a most adorable baby picture in this post towards the bottom. Cruel to make you look through all of them to find it I know.
My boys love this horse, excuse me, horsie! He reminds me of the mechanical horse my mother would let me ride in front of the old Zayre's Department Store when I was a toddler. I love that my sons will have this memory so similar to mine. A bit of nostalgia in front of our super market. Good times.

I love the colors or ripe peppers... yellows and reds. It almost makes grocery shopping fun. Almost.

Blue Jeans... well, I live in them and I adore them. Andy wishes I would remember to wear skirts. He thinks I am forgetful. I am not. Enough said.

I never feel like a Proper Bostonian... so this magazine is for me :-)

I just loved this cross walk... so I thought I would share :-)

I loved the reflection of the older building in the window panes of the newer building. The image just struck me.

One of the reasons I was/am going to Boston frequently... so tiny and so very meaningful. He is one of two blessings. My dear friends are now a family of four, J and T greeted the world at 32 weeks. They are almost two weeks old now. Yahoooooooo! Auntie Anne is very much in love with these two adorable newly minted people.

A flurry of photos that I have taken for many days now and haven't posted until now... this tower just grabbed my attention on one of my trips into Boston. It's varying subtle shades and how it seemingly is stirring the clouds. It is amongst the hospitals... which makes me wonder if it is an incinerator. I would like to think someone was trying to touch the face of Heaven.


  1. Anne, your photos are amazing. holy cow! I remember riding a mechanical horse and I think it was outside of a Zayre's, too. LOL! Your viewpoint/perspective in every photo is excellent. I just love this posting of photos.

  2. love the horsie and the crosswalk, but my fav is baby of coarse! what such little miracles they are!

  3. wonderful and amazing photos...that you for sharing....