Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20th...

Today was a very long day for us spent mostly at Boston Children's Hospital where Matty went to have a MRI of his spine. His spine is perfect, thankfully. He needed to be sedated for the procedure and Joey tagged along. Everyone celebrated with much cuddling, laughter and Chinese food followed by bubble baths and bed time rituals. Joey went to sleep in his crib and Matty fell asleep in his bed. The nurse in recovery told me to check Matty thru the night just to be safe after sedation. Well, this is what I found. Two brothers back to back snoozing away. So sweet. Had to share. May all your news be good news and thank you, God for this good night after a long day.


  1. My sister and I used to do this. :o) Good memories. Your boys are so sweet. i just love your photo. I also love that you received excellent news today!

  2. That is so sweet! The love of siblings. :)

    I am so glad that the MRI was clear!

  3. glad everything went well!
    aren't they the sweetest when they are asleep?!?!