Friday, March 20, 2009

How the Day Began on March 18th....

Now I know your thinking it started with coffee and on a normal day it would have. We decided instead to have an original day. A day when I was woken up to "Honey, Jenny has cornered a mouse, do something!". Yes, my dh asked me to handle it. Why? I have an aversion to little cute furry animals being killed in my home. That is what Andy would have Jenny do or try to do himself. I threw on clothing, grabbed the nice coffee can that was going to be altered and caught/rescued the little startled mouse. With total bed head I went on a brisk walk to the farmer's field behind us and released the mouse. I explained to him that he was lucky and should find shelter in a barn instead. I asked him to pass the word along as well. He looked some what bemused and ran off. I think he had a tale to tell :-)

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  1. You are one brave woman. I would be standing on top of my Jeep with my suitcases. For sure.