Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oddly Cold or Care to Swim?

January 3rd:

3 of 365

Matty and Joey wanted to play in the snow and we finally had a warm enough day to do so. The new Spiderman boots needed to frolic in the snow and so did we. The boys completely enjoyed themselves and I had a good laugh when I saw these signs at the lake. The temps were in the balmy twenties after having been in the single digits... perhaps it could be tempting for some daring soul. I love how the town lets you know you can do so at your own risk, humm... are there days when life guards are there? On a side note, I love puggies :-)


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  1. Now that is cold. BRR! I don't know about there, but in MN we have these crazy people, who jump into frozen lakes for a thrill. I think it is called the Polar Bear Club. Maybe the signs are warning those "Bears" that they are on their own. Too funny. I think Pugs are cute, too.